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  • Highly versatile:
  • compact and very lightweight
  • the D shape is efficient, offering nearly equal capacity on either end of the carabiner
  • aid climbing: the D shape of the carabiner enables two carabiners to be clipped on a Sm’D WALL and remain easy to access regardless of which carabiner is loaded
  • Easy to use and ergonomic:
  • the D shape is easy to hold
  • H-shaped cross-section contributes to better grip when wearing gloves
  • Keylock system helps avoid any involuntary snagging of the carabiner
  • small hole for tethering a TIBLOC or an accessory to the carabiner with a cord, keeping the devices together
  • Straight gate with grooves for improved grip when opening the carabiner


  • Material(s): Aluminum
  • Certification(s): CE EN 12275, UIAA, UKCA

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