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  • Efficient placement on a variety of types of ice:
  • Perfect shape and balance of the ice axe provide an exceptional swing
  • The curve under the head makes hooking easier
  • PUR’ICE pick is tapered at the tip (3 mm), offering excellent penetration in different types of ice, including hard ice; the pick is toothed on the upper side to offer stable support when turned upside-down
  • Inertia and striking quality are optimized with MASSELOTTES weights
  • Comfortable grip, designed for technical ice climbing:
  • Double handle (high and low) offers multiple grip modes and stable hand switching
  • - Lower handle is angled to protect the hand from contact with the ice and to provide more comfort when suspended
  • Upper handle is overmolded and bi-material, offering excellent grip and insulation from the cold
  • Hydroformed shaft provides optimal grip in the middle of the shaft
  • The ALPEN ADAPT system makes it completely modular:
  • Entirely modular head allows the technical aspects of the ice axe to be adjusted
  • Interchangeable with ICE, PUR'ICE, DRY, and PUR'DRY picks to adapt to different terrain objectives (snow, ice, or mixed)
  • Adze and hammer are interchangeable
  • Sold with MINI MARTEAU, to protect the head and allow the user to hammer a piton back in
  • Without accessories, the ice axe is lighter for dry tooling (only 500 g)
  • GRIPREST NOMIC handrest is overmolded and adjustable to three positions to adapt to different hand sizes, even while wearing gloves; the lower part has a toothed stainless steel point that improves support when used in piolet-canne mode
  • Connection hole is compatible with V-LINK elasticated loss-prevention webbing


  • Pick type: 1
  • Shaft type: 2
  • Material(s): Aluminum, steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Certification(s): CE, UKCA, UIAA

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